Annual Celebration Planning Committee

This committee arranges the Conference Annual Meeting program, selects the themes and arranges for workshops, worships, displays, childcare, youth components, etc.


Rev. Michelle Hughes

Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives

2015- Ms. Brenda Jentink
2015- Rev. Keith Scott
2016- Ms. LaTonia Watson
2016- Dr. Robyn Stellman
AdHoc – Ms. Amanda Guthrie
AdHoc – Rev. Dr. Charlotte Nold
Eastern Association Representatives

2015 – Rev. Joe Ann Watson
2015 – Rev. Carol Currier-Frighetto

Fox Valley Representatives

2015 – Rev. Catherine Erwin
2016 – Vacant

Prairie Association Representatives

2015 – Rev. Kim Wood
2016 – Rev. Dr. Martha Brunell

Western Association Representatives

2015 – Mr. Gordon James
2016- Rev. Mary Alice Suter
AdHoc – Rev. Lynn Bohlmann

Conference Staff Consulting

Ms. Naomi Else
Rev. Tom Norwalk
Rev. Jorge Morales

Conference Council Representative

Mr. Mike Linder

Youth Liaison

Ms. Martha Mendoza