Conference Council

The Illinois Conference Council is responsible to conduct the affairs of the Illinois Conference, as would a Board of Directors for any company.

President, Ms. Mary Newcomb
1st Vice President – Rev. Vanessa Monroe
2nd Vice President – Mr. Mike Linder
Secretary – Ms. Sandra Florentino
Treasurer – Rev. Malcolm Griffith
Personnel – Mr. Dave Bateman
Conference Minister – Rev. Dr. Jorge Morales
Finance, Admin & Business – Mr. Teamous Newberne

Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives

Moderator – Mr. Jordan Manansala
2015 – Rev. Keith Scott
2015 – Ms. Vanessa Monroe
2015 – (Youth) Kevin Kuhn
2016 – Ms. Laura Snowden Ingram
2016 – Mr. Troy Underwood
2016 – (Youth) Ms. Nikia Gaines

Eastern Association Representatives

Moderator, Rev. Pat Morton
2015 – Vacant
2016 – Vacant

Fox Valley Association Representatives

Moderator, Ms. Kathy Hummel
2015 – Rev. Lindsey Halpern-Givens
2015- Rev. Lance Lackore
2015 – (Youth) Mr. Scott Cunningham

Prairie Association Representatives

Moderator – Mr. Jim Barnes
2015 – Pastor Niel Shoffner
2016 – (Youth) Mr. John Kendall
2016 – Rev. Kim Wood

Western Association Representatives

Moderator – Ms. Nancy Dexter
2015- Rev. Robert Sherman
2016 – (Youth) Mr. Silas Tockey
2016- Rev. Jan Johnson

Conference Committee Representatives

Outdoor Ministries – Mr. Larry McCure
Mission Support – Ms. Juanita Bradley
Justice Witness – Rev. Carole Hoke
Nominating – Ms. Belinda Gross

Co-Opted Members (Voice without vote)

Community Renewal Society – Rev. Dr. Curtiss DeYoung
IL Conference of Churches – Rev. Marilyn Pagan Banks
LGBT Coalition – Ms. Robyn Stellman
Immigration Task Force – Rev. Sara Wohlleb

Conference Ministry Leadership Team (Voice without vote)

Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Vertie Powers, CMA
Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Jonathan Knight, Fox Valley Assoc. and CMA
Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Kathy Lawes, Prairie and Western Associations
Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Tom Norwalk, Eastern and Western Associations
Associate Conference Minister -Rev. Melbalenia Evans, Church Stewardship and Church Vitality
Conference Controller – Mr. Bill Serritella